About Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a career that revolved around physical fitness.  I grew up playing many different sports and suffered injuries and setbacks like most athletes.  Typically this would lead to poor performance, long layoff times and even surgical procedures.  I became a Doctor of Physical Therapy because I wanted to help people overcome their physical ailments. As my career as a physical therapist progressed, I was not satisfied with helping clients simply return to “normal” after their injuries.  I wanted to do more to work on improving and making them stronger, healthier and better than before. 

I realized very quickly that I was not sufficiently educated to help clients with issues besides physical pain/injury which could be affecting performance ranging from excessive weight, poor exercise habits/execution, stress/sleep management and improper nutrition.   I set out on a path to acquire the expertise required to help my clients recover physically, mentally and emotionally and not just return to prior performance levels, but to surpass them.  To truly go “From Surviving to Thriving”. 

This passion to help people attain better overall health and performance led me to the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Primal Health Coach Institute (PHCI).  After furthering my education I felt equipped and motivated to offer my clients guidance towards optimizing their performance utilizing proven strategies that lead to purposeful life transformations.  I'm grateful for the opportunities that I have to teach people how to achieve optimal health and wellness in order to truly live life to their full potential. 

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