Start with a FREE 20-30 minute discovery session phone call.

One on One coaching packages are designed individually and vary in cost based on overall length of program purchased.  Our coaching relationship will include all listed services and together we will come up with a step by step program that fits your individual needs and evolves over time based on your current goals. You’re 30 minutes away from unlocking a new you and a brighter future.

INcluded in your coaching program is THE FOLLOWING:

Coaching calls- Each call lasts 50-60 minutes and can be performed via phone, video conferencing (Skype, FaceTime) or a meet-up if you are close by.  The initial coaching calls involve obtaining a detailed health history and intake utilized to form initial goals and plan of action. All follow-up calls will focus on continued guidance for your program including monitoring progress, troubleshooting setbacks and outlining the next steps to continue down your path of achieving your goals. Nutrition, physical fitness and lifestyle choices will be a part of every coaching call and will continue to evolve as you progress.

E-mail/Text Support- Text and e-mail support which will enable us to contact each other in between coaching sessions.  This can be helpful to get timely answers to questions which will undoubtedly come up while you are acclimating to your new lifestyle changes.

Review of Food Logs- A weekly review/discussion of food logs with advice on what can be changed in order to maximize effectiveness. Together we can perform a pantry review and figure out what can stay, what can go and what may need to be added.  I may also assist you with grocery lists so that food shopping doesn't become overwhelming while you're still learning. These services can be done remotely using photos/lists of your pantry or in person if you're close by for an additional fee.

Analysis of Training Programs and Recommendations- Physical fitness is an important part of being healthy.  Reviewing current weekly trainer programs ensure sure you are performing appropriate exercises aligned with your goals. Continual training analysis allows me the opportunity to better tailor exercise prescription to your current physical fitness levels. Training programs or routine assessments such as screening for movement dysfunction or general physical fitness assessments may be performed in person for an additional fee.

Recipe/Cooking Tips- With access to many different recipes and cooking methods, I will share weekly tips with you to make sure you are enjoying every meal that you eat! New recipe suggestions also help to ensure that you never get bored with the meals you are eating.  

Long Term Follow-Ups- Once you're my client, you're always my client.  After some time together you may have received enough education to be able to continue your new lifestyle without frequent guidance from myself.  Long term follow-ups ensure that you never stop progressing and enable you to reach your full potential long after we stop formally working together.




Information provided to you is based on current scientific research and not conventional opinion. How is your diet affecting your body composition, physical fitness and everyday life? What foods should you be eating to optimize your body's performance?


physical fitness

Exercise/physical activity recommended is designed to fit you and your current fitness level based on the most up to date research and any physical ailments.  Thanks to my 10+ years experience in the field, programs are easily modifiable to avoid problems that can arise with generic exercise programs.


lifestyle choices

Your body is influenced by the lifestyle choices you make on a daily basis including sleep patterns, stress and time management. Coping techniques and strategies specifically geared towards the obstacles you face in your life will allow you to feel productive while maintaining optimal health.


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