Why Work With Mike?

 As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Primal Health Coach and NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, I provide clients with individualized guidance for a variety of reasons, including:

  • OPTIMAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS- Whether you are an athlete or not, optimal health and wellness should be a goal for everyone. Taking ownership of your health and making appropriate steps through improving diet, fitness levels and various lifestyle factors including sleep/stress can help to make living a more enjoyable experience. After all, who wouldn’t love to have more energy, sleep better, require less medication and live everyday feeling great.

  • INJURY RECOVERY- We’ve all suffered injuries and had to lay off our athletic activities for a while. Losing your ability to be active because of injury, surgery or chronic pain can be devastating. It can even lead to weight gain, drops in performance levels and depression. Often a person will not even know where to turn for help or guidance. It doesn’t have to be that way.  With appropriate guidance, we can develop an individualized plan to lead you on a path to speedy recovery.  Through minimizing the negative effects of athletic downtime due to injury or other reasons, you can return to high levels of activity quickly and with less difficulty.

  • FUEL OPTIMIZATION THROUGH NUTRITION- Whether you’re training for an Ironman triathlon, a weekend 5k or just exercise to stay in peak shape, you need to understand the role nutrition plays in your performance.  It’s essential to not just be told what to eat and when, but to truly understand why you are eating what you are.  Learning how to eat based on what you’re training for, or how you are competing come game day can help maximize your performance and give you the edge you need to accomplish your goals. Athletes without education on nutrition have difficulty recovering and can easily become burnt out and/or injured.

  • MAXIMIZING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE- Improve your performance through nutrition, quality exercise, stress management and appropriate levels of rest/recovery. Optimal workouts are formulated using a quality over quantity philosophy.  You don’t need to be in the weight room or outside pounding the pavement for hours a day, 6 days a week. Using research backed primal guidelines you can not only enjoy the benefits of improved performance in less time but also feel better every day knowing that you’re taking steps towards optimizing hormonal function, improving digestion and increasing energy levels.

  • MAINTAINING PEAK PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE WITH AGE- As athletes get older, they go through many changes.  Maybe you were a football player or a basketball player in high school and college. Then you got into weightlifting or running.  Triathlons, crossfit, road racing, obstacle course racing, the possibilities are endless. Are you having difficulty making these transitions?  Do you know how to train to maximize performance in one or maybe even all of these areas?  Should you eat the same for long distance running training versus weight lifting days? For the last few years I have entered down my own path of balancing health and performance.  I have the expertise required to guide an athlete to maximize performance in many different areas of training including: muscular strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility/joint mobility and sports nutrition/fueling. 


Primal Health Coach

A Primal health coach is a wellness expert who educates, motivates and guides clients toward lifestyle and behavior choices that support optimal well-being. My aim is to help clients extract the most joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment from their lives by focusing on their values, needs, visions and goals in an extremely personalized way.



Certified performance enhancement specialist

As a certified performance enhancement specialist I have the ability to design a comprehensive training system based on scientific, evidence-based research to improve all functional abilities, including flexibility, core stabilization, balance, strength, power, and cardiorespiratory endurance.



Doctor of Physical Therapy

As a licensed physical therapist with over 10 years experience, I have the knowledge to assist clients with managing pain they are currently suffering from.  This pain can come from varying underlying issues such as arthritis, chronic inflammation, musculoskeletal injuries and exercising incorrectly or excessively.


Additional Certifications:

SFMA Level 1 Certification- SFMA is a movement based diagnostic system for dysfunction through Functional Movement Systems

TPI Level 1 Certification- Golf performance certification earned from Titleist Performance Institute

FMT Blades Certification- Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization certification through RockTape USA

ART Certified- Active Release Techniques soft tissue treatment certification